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photo credit: Brooke Schultz

Meet Jessica.

As a child, when I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer wasn’t ever simple. “An artist, a writer, a mom, a choreographer, a coach…” and the list went on. I later attended Utah State University and graduated with a degree in print journalism, ready to begin my career as a writer.  I often have wondered what it was that ultimately lead me here, to a career as a wedding photographer, when once my aspirations drew me wholeheartedly in such a variety of directions. But at my core, my passions are these: creativity, people, and storytelling. And in photography, I happened find the perfect marriage of those things.

Jessica Kettle Photography was founded in late 2007, a few years after photography stole my heart in a black and white film class at USU. My first subjects were families and children, until I shot my first wedding in 2008 and was smitten. By 2010 I was shooting weddings nearly exclusively and I haven’t looked back. And while weddings are my passion and priority, I do make room for the occasional editorial, lifestyle, or commercial project.

My style is a modern take on classic wedding portraiture. I want my photos to feel beautiful, artistic, and genuine, inspired by my clients personalities and love for each other. My use of color and light is clean, bright and simple. I’m drawn to weddings that are happy events. Elegant but understated, weather they’re held in a backyard, atop a mountain, in a barn or a ballroom. There are so many things that are my responsibility to document on your wedding day- the flowers and food, family photos, cutting the cake, your first dance as a married couple… and those are all such important parts of your story. However, my goal above all else is to capture you and your beloved beautifully and honestly. As wedding trends come and go, I hope your photos become heirlooms; that they feel timeless and real to you for many, MANY years to come.

I live with my husband and our three wild, beautiful children in the greater Salt Lake City area. I shoot a nearly equal amount or work locally as I do nationally and internationally. I’m always up for an adventure and love travel, diet coke, a good party, great food (eating, though not so much cooking), late night crafting and long talks with my family and friends. My babies are my greatest inspiration and I find such beauty in the ins and outs of my happy little life with them. And of course, I try to photograph every delightful moment of it.