Aman + Sonu Sangeet

This wedding. How do I even begin? It was my first Indian wedding and I was on pins and needles with excitement. I liked Aman and Sonu immediately during our consultation and even more so after our engagement session. They are such kind, warm people and so easy to talk to. Their sangeet (the henna party that took place the evening before the wedding) was more lively, beautiful and colorful than most people’s weddings. I just had to give it a proper post, just to give you the tiniest peek into the wonder that was their wedding day (coming NEXT!). All of the credit for the lovely details and planning go to AMOROLOGY, who I will never, ever get enough of.

aman+sonu_rehearsal-055_WEB aman+sonu_rehearsal-069_WEB aman+sonu_rehearsal-024_WEB aman+sonu_rehearsal-006_WEB  aman+sonu_rehearsal-028_WEB aman+sonu_rehearsal-067_WEBaman+sonu_rehearsal-250_WEB aman+sonu_rehearsal-058_WEB  aman+sonu_rehearsal-108_WEB aman+sonu_rehearsal-135_WEB aman+sonu_rehearsal-157_WEB aman+sonu_rehearsal-172_WEB

aman+sonu_rehearsal-238_WEBaman+sonu_rehearsal-189_WEB aman+sonu_rehearsal-196_WEB aman+sonu_rehearsal-234_WEB aman+sonu_rehearsal-237_WEB aman+sonu_rehearsal-254_WEB