New Baby Gear

Today I’m officially 37 weeks. WHAT?! I can’t believe after a 5 year hiatus, we’re about to have another baby in this house. I can’t believe how much baby gear has changed in just a few years, it’s so overwhelming! Thankfully I’ve been getting loads of great advice from friends and found a great local baby store, The Baby Cubby in Lindon, that’s helped me out a ton. I think most moms would agree that one of the biggest purchases you have to make is the car seat and stroller! We ended up going with a new version of our last car seat, the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio. It has great reviews, safety ratings and I love the leather option. There’s nothing better than being able to wipe up spit up and cracker crumbs off a leather seat instead of letting it soak into the fabric!

We have also had a city select stroller for the last 5 years- it seemed like the perfect choice when Vivian was born because I could use it as a single, double and actually TRIPLE stroller! Which I actually had to use regularly with a newborn, 1 year old and 4 year old! I can’t tell you how many places I have packed all three of my kids around on our city select. I just assumed I would keep it, but have you seen the new City Lux stroller from Baby Jogger?! It looks amazing! I love the new colors, the lighter weight and the more compact foldability of the City Lux. And I think the compact jump seat would be perfect for Vivian, who at 5 is a bit grown out of a standard stroller seat but still likes to catch a ride now and then!

The stroller is available for preorder HERE! The Baby Cubby also has an awesome set of BUYING GUIDES¬†for car seats and strollers that are definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market- making a choice can be overwhelming when there are so many choices!