Seattle: Here we come!

I just wanted to drop a quick note to let everyone know I will be in Seattle from Saturday Oct. 13th through Monday the 22nd. If anyone in the area is interested in having photos taken, let me know asap. Fall is the best time for outdoor shots! I won’t be taking tons of clients (I want to have fun with my family too!) so the sooner you schedule a session, the better. Contact me for prices/schedule etc.

  • Jess, pictures would be fun, but if you have time, we should get a bite to eat or something. Let me know what your plans are while you are here, I would really like to see you and meet Max!

  • Well rats! I wish I was in Seattle so you could do cute maternity shots! Also, what are your plans in December, around the 19th or 20th-ish? We will be down in Utah for like 2 weeks or more. If you're outta town totally fine, but just thought I'd check to see if you would take pictures of our new little family (no, he's still not here yet, but we're gettin' closer!!) Thanks!

  • JEALOUS!!! I want to be back in Seattle:( well enjoy the rain and give your family hugs for me k? take some good pics of down town too for me...sigh...