the sweet life.

i couldn’t help but share these little gems of my lulu girl “helping” make the frosting for max’s birthday cake. i started out letting her help stir, and next thing you know, i have a nakey baby on the counter taking charge of the whole thing. and the mess… if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. 😉
figuring everything out with three kids has been HARD. but these photos are just a little reminder of how sweet and beautiful my day to day life as a mother is. i could not be more thankful.
i just love this girl. what makes your life sweet? here’s to hoping we each see it just a little bit more clearly today. xoxo
  • LUCY! I could eat her up, that kid! Love this Jessica... way to enjoy the moment.

  • Beautiful pictures! Do you mind me asking what lens you used for these? The clarity is amazing!

  • Jessica said:

    These are adorable. You better make a large print or two for the wall :)

  • Kristin Cioffi said:

    She looks just like you, Jessica!! So adorable.

  • Kiera said:

    What a doll! Lucy is waaaaay too cute for words and these photos are priceless. Also, your kitchen? I want it.

  • Kiera said:

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