lake house lounging // rhea footwear



There’s just nothing more soothing than relaxing at the dock at the lake house – it’s where we spend most of our sunny days (and even some of our cloudy ones) chasing kids, climbing on and off the boat, working on our diving skills and fighting over the best lawn chars. This summer I LOVED my RHEA flip flops!  They have this crazy “neverslip” technology on the soles and I couldn’t believe how grippy they were. I never had to worry about slipping running around the water! Even on some of the rocks that get slippery with algae near the banks.  I loved these so much that RHEA is offering my readers 20% off with the code JESSICAKETTLE at checkout! They also have regular shoes, I just might have to get my hands on some for shooting weddings- there’s nothing worse than shooting in the rain or snow and risking a fall while I’m holding my camera gear.